The purpose of these Regulations is to stipulate standards and procedures for handling any complaints and disputes (hereinafter referred to as the “Complaint(s), Etc.”) that may be filed or brought by customers of (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) in regard to any operational tasks performed by the Company for cryptocurrency exchange and also for leveraged cryptocurrency transactions, which are cryptocurrency-based cash settlement transactions, between the Company and such customers (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Operational Task(s)”).


1. The term “complaint(s)” used herein means expression of dissatisfaction by a customer to the Company in regard to the Company’s service, sales activities, etc. that concern the Operational Tasks.

2. The term “dispute(s)” used herein means the type of complaint that cannot be resolved between the Company and any customer that has raised it.


1. When processing any Complaint, Etc., all concerned departments of the Company shall cooperate with each other to clarify any relevant facts and responsibilities and resolve the case in a swift, sincere, fair, and proper manner while respecting the position of the customer that has filed the Complaint, Etc.

2. Any opinions and other input from customers must be reviewed in good faith, so that all such information can be shared internally and used to improve the Company’s business operations.

3. Each director, officer, and employee processing a Complaint, Etc. must properly handle the personal information of each customer being involved in the case so that its personal information can be protected.

4. If any anti-social force should put pressure on the Company under the pretext of some Complaint, Etc., the Company shall deal with such situation without making any concession to the anti-social force by cooperating with police and other concerned authority as needed.

5. If a Complaint, Etc. has been filed by a customer, the Company shall strive to resolve the case by offering proper explanation to the customer from time to time depending on the progress being made on the case and taking any other actions so that the customer can aptly understand the situation and remain satisfied with how the Company handles the case to an extent possible.

6. If the Company is unable to resolve any case of Complaint, Etc. internally or if it is otherwise deemed appropriate to do so, the Company shall refer the customer being involved in the case to any of the external organizations for resolving Complaints, Etc. in order to resolve the case. In this connection, it must be noted that, even when any case that has been referred to an External Organization is being processed there, it does not exempt the Company from its obligation to properly deal with the customer that has filed the Complaint, Etc.

7. The Company shall be responsible for dealing with the External Organizations properly for the purpose of resolving any Complaints, Etc. in a swift manner.


1. Customer Success Department shall be the department responsible for handling any Complaints, Complaint and Dispute Handling Regulations Etc. at the Company. Customer Success Department must prepare proper resources and procedures for receiving Complaints, Etc. from a wide range of customers, actually receive and respond to the complaints that have been filed, and perform any relevant managerial and operational tasks, while remaining attentive to the convenience of the customers.

2. As for any Complaints, Etc. filed in regard to the Company’s Operational Tasks that are outsourced to outside contractors, Customer Success Department shall be the department responsible for handling such Complaints, etc. also and must take actions that are equivalent to those as specified in paragraph 1 above.


In case a Complaint is not resolved according to the terms and conditions given above, any Dispute shall be resolved according to legislation of Exchanger and the Courts of Estonia shall have an Exclusive Jurisdiction.